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Ghost Ranch Announces Summer 2013 Workshops
April 17, 2013
Ghost Ranch is an interfaith education and retreat center, located in a northern New Mexico landscape many deem sacred. Near Abiquiu, the retreat center offers workshops throughout the year. These are highlights of the summer 2013 season.

Spanish Refresher Weekend at Ghost Ranch: Intermediate Level
April 26-28, 2013
Sharon Franco and Margo Chavez
A weekend refresher course in Spanish where small groups practice skills through structured oral activities and informal conversation. For the intermediate refresher we encourage students with 2-4 years of Spanish study. The program is intensive, with morning, afternoon, evening sessions from Friday evening until Sunday afternoon. Take advantage of the weekend refresher to prepare to join us if you can for the regular summer intensive course!
$150+Lodging and Meals

Blossoming into Fullness
April 26-28, 2013
Kelsea Habecker and Adonna Rometo
As the flowers burst open into fullness of bloom, we too are invited to blossom. This weekend event invites us to courageously unfurl the petals of our possibility and to become who we truly are. Plant these seeds within yourself and watch them surge open in growth through seed meditations, yoga, a moonrise hike, tai chi, and a night of dancing and drumming.
$125+Lodging and Meals

Bluegrass Camp at Ghost Ranch
May 15-19, 2013
What’s better than nearly a week of bluegrass at Ghost Ranch? Come fine tune your ensemble playing and harmony singing while you enjoy the magnificent scenery. You will sharpen your skills on your instrument, get a bluegrass band together and perform for other campers, all in a low-stress, high-fun environment. Learn the basics of bluegrass on one of five instruments, ensemble playing, lead and harmony singing, performance and songwriting.
$375+Lodging and Meals

Yoga: A Journey into Awareness and Peace
June 3-9, 2013
Nancy Wilkinson
Through movement, breath, and poetry, yoga will bring you more body awareness and peace of mind. Gentle Hatha Yoga is presented easily. If you can breathe, you can do yoga. The class begins with meditation and moves into yoga poses. Sun Salutations are presented to get the blood moving and then the class ends with rest and poetry. The class will also include art and journaling, centered on journey and peace.
$350+Lodging and Meals

Chama River Adventure: Writing Down the River
June 17-23, 2013
Steve Harris
This workshop is an opportunity to explore the relationship of individuals and communities to nature, through a close personal acquaintance with the Chama River. Rivers are a powerful metaphor for life, with its phases and flows of energy and its intimate connection to lifeforms and landscapes. Expert river runners, activists and scientists will set the stage for participants’ personal explorations, guiding them toward a deeper understanding of natural processes and human responses to nature.
$550+Lodging and Meals

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    April 17 2013